Cell Phone Policy for AISD

The following is the  Cellular Phone Policy adopted by AISD. 

Cell Phone Policy Changes:
Prohibited Use at School Will Cost You

Dear Parents and Students,
The distracting use of cell phones during the school day has prompted AISD Board of Trustees to adopt a stricter policy regarding cell phone use.  It is important that you understand the rules to avoid fines or the eventual loss of a cell phone.

Together, we can help make the learning day disturbance-free by turning off these devices and following this district policy.

The  Basics:
1.  Middle and high school students are prohibited from using a cell phone during the instructional school day.  The phone must remain OFF and should not be used in any capacity, unless the use is for a specific instructional purpose under the supervision and direction of a teacher. 

2.  Cell phones used in violation of this policy will be confiscated immediately.  Parents will be notified that a phone has been taken up.

3.  On the first and second offenses during a school year, a student must pay a $15.00 fee to get the cell phone back.  Administrators have the option to hold the phones in the office until the end of the week. 

4.  On the third violation, the confiscated cell phone will be kept until the end of the school year unless the principal or assistant principal determines an emergency or other extenuating circumstance exists and the $15.00 fee is paid.

5.  On the fourth offense, the confiscated cell phone will be kept until the end of the school year.

6.  Students will have a final change to pay $15.00 and reclaim confiscated phones at a designated time at the end of the school year

7.  Phones that are not claimed will be held until the end of the year and then disposed of by July 30.
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